Innovative Mold Inc.’s business model is centered on customer satisfaction. Since our founding in 1989, IMI’s mission has been to meet and exceed the needs of its customers through our “Parallel Process” technique. This unique approach to tool building allows us to design and build molds while concurrently working with our customers on product development.


This “Customer Centered” approach to mold building allows IMI to remain a viable, reputable supply partner – even in today’s competitive global marketplace. We can accommodate your production or prototype molding needs anywhere from 30 to 500 ton press sizes.


  • Take the job from concept to reality
  • Devote upfront engineering for our customer's products
  • Specialize in production, two-shot and rotational molds
  • Build effective prototype tools
  • Manufacture low volume part runs and tool tryouts on site
  • High quality production molding
  • Transfer projects and resolving complex parts
  • Over 40 different types of machines
  • "Rayconnect has chosen to team up with Innovative Mold Inc. With the consolidation of our tooling build supplier base, which only includes those mold builders that can consistently perform to our strict standards and demands. Innovative Mold Inc. has performed outstandingly time and time again."

    Mick Benedict
    Rayconnect Tooling Engineering Group Supervisor
  • "IMI is one of the best first shot part quality Tool Shops I work with, their mold designs are robust, their cutting is excellent and they always hit their delivery date. They are my small tonnage go to Tool Shop. "

    Greg Barthlow
    Tooling Manager at USF
  • "A. Raymond Tinnerman considers Innovative Mold & Manufacturing as a preferred source for our tooling needs. Our business relationship has grown over the last several years. IMI has exceeded our expectations in providing quality tooling and further thrives in achieving our timing requirements."

    Corry Diller
    Tooling Engineer Manager at A. Raymond Tinnerman Automotive, Inc.
  • "I’d like to personally thank Team IMI for the efforts put forth to ensure you’re manufacturing with a high level of quality standards. Again thank you and your entire team for all the hard work that has went into becoming ISO certified as a mold builder and manufacturing facility."

    Desmond Pendleton
    Supplier Quality Engineer at A. Raymond Tinnerman Automotive, Inc.
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